Garter snakes like the Plains Garter Snake below are fast.  Occasionally, it is possible to run into one that is as curious about you as you are of it.  That curiosity accounts for most of my Garter Snake pictures.  This is the snake most often found in city yards.  Notice the round pupils.Garter Snake

Garter Snake

Plains Garter Snake

This snake has just picked up long-dead road kill.  Must really be hungry.Plains Garter Snake with Dessicated Toad

We always hear that snakes swallow their prey head first.  I’ve seen Garter Snakes with toads or bull frogs quite often and they always have them from behind.  I have, however, not hung around to see the process to its conclusion.Garter Snake

I see few of these Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes.  They become more common to the west and are a common snake in Fort Collins yards.Western Terrestial Garter Snake

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