Coyotes are always at a distance, and running.  The season on killing them never closes in Colorado.  Below is a backyard game camera photo.  I was sleeping at the time.

My beautiful picture

The way to get near a coyote, I discovered, is to sit by the river and eat an orange.  Not seeing me, this one trotted up, finally saw me, was curious and took off.  It was really too close for the long lens on my camera to focus properly.  Or to get anything more than the head.Coyote


Mange is a problem in wild animals.  It is a mite that causes their hair to fall out and the animal will die of cold and starvation.  Treatable in domestic animals, it is nearly impossible to administer the lengthy treatment in the wild.  I have seen a video, however, of how one man was able to treat a wild fox that visited his backyard regularly.  The animal below appears to have a touch of the mite.Coyote at Bravo

He’s young and won’t get much older letting a human get so close.Coyote

Appears to be mangey. Mangy Coyote

A very healthy one at the Prewitt Reservoir near Merino.Healthy Coyote at Prewitt

Two healthy animals feeding on a deer carcass at the river.Coyotes on Deer Carcase

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