At a certain time in the Summer a few trees at the river are very popular.  The Mulberry Tree.  It, like most any tree that can grow in your yard, can easily grow at the river.  I’ve seen Catalpa, though I haven’t bothered to photograph one.Mulberry Tree

These dissimilar leaves are from the tree above. Mulberry Tree Leaves from Same Tree

The Honey Locust does well at the river and could be a tree of  the future.Honey Locust at the River

The locust is not a tree to climb. Spines on  Honey Locust

Locust seed pods.A honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthos, at the river

This Tamarisk is blooming but a couple of weeks later it was dead, sprayed by Parks and Game.  Besides spreading by roots and seeds, it guzzles water and poisons the soil around it for other plants.  It was brought in from Europe and Africa.Tamarisk in Bloom

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