They are cute.



My effort to attract Eastern Screech Owls with a nesting box resulted in the brood below.  Those are not baby owls.Baby Squirrels in Screech Owl Nesting Box

Squirrels knew there was food inside and a screen is no barrier. dsc_2055

A bucket with bird feed broken into.img_2132

The best way to rid your yard of unwanted squirrels is Don’t Bother Trying. After they took over my Screech Owl nesting box, I decided to trap them and donate them to Pioneer Park in Sterling.  I hauled thirty-six away, below is number Eleven.  (I took pictures of them all.)  The number in my backyard remained constant.  I know of one case where the woman removed eighty-seven with similar results.  The squirrels know the necessary quota for your yard and will work to maintain that number.Squirrel #11

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