The day after dove season started I expected to see nothing at the river, and yet.  There he was, still in velvet and in his red summer coat.  White-Tailed Deer dominate at the river.  Mule Deer are few and seem to be passing through.White-Tailed Deer Buck

More a giraffe than a young buck.  Photo taken June 3.White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer

The White-Tailed are also on the prairie.White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Buck

Yes, one is there.White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer

This was a full-sized fence post, now whittled to a nubbin by White-Tailed bucks polishing their antlers.  There is a string of such posts, this one the most demolished.Fence Post Sharpened to a Nubbing by Deer

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