We say “antelope” but they are really Pronghorns.  They don’t drop their horns as deer do their antlers.  They have a core bone that discards and regrows its sheath yearly.  The female has smaller, spiky, non-pronged horns.Pronghorn Buck

See the prongs?Pronghorn

The little spikes.Pronghorn Antelope ♀

They do run, up to fifty-five miles an hour.Pronghorns

And run.Pronghorns

And run.Pronghorns

You get the idea.Pronghorns

Antelope don’t jump fences.  They crawl under.  Here they are north of North Sterling State Park waiting for a chance  at the “gate.”  I have seen exactly one antelope hope a low fence.

Waiting to get under the fence


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