I could have picked it up and brought out a tape measure, but I preferred measuring it in other ways.  Here the male robins scolds the snake just after it has eaten three of four baby robins and knocked the fourth out of the nest.  The fourth survived.Male Robin confronting that which ate 3 of his 4 young

The pergola rafters are on twelve-inch centers.Bull Snake on 12-inch-centered Pergola Supports

The siding segments are four inches.Bull snake

The gate support is three and a half feet.Bull snake

The palings are three and a half inches.Bull snake

The hose is a 50-footer, but that will not help.  After eating my robins it headed into the neighbor’s yard.  These fellows have good eyes.  They can look into a tree from the ground and see a nest.Bull Snake and 50-foot Hose

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