All of the skulls were picked up while walking or salvaged from roadkill.  I would let them weather as much as necessary, clean them up and then soak them in the three-percent hydrogen peroxide available at most grocery or drug stores.  I would then glue them together with a crazy glue and spray with a clear lacquer for preservation.

Below, a coyote.Coyote Skull

Beaver.Beaver Skull

Raccoon.Raccoon Skull

O’Possum.  Note the ridge on top.Opossum Skull

Fox Squirrel.Fox Squirrel Skull

Cottontail.Cottontail Skull

Deer skull.  Probably a White-Tailed deer.  Its antlers were sawed off.  If it was killed in season and the antlers taken but not the meat, that is illegal.  If it was found dead and the antlers taken, another matter entirely.  I found it February 2 and the carcass was quite whole.  Hunting ended in that area December 15.  You do the math.White-Tailed Deer Skull (Antlers sawed off)

This animal died after its antlers had dropped naturally, probably after the first of March.  This is a weak time for deer.White-Tailed Deer Skull (Antlers dropped naturally)

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