It may sound like cheating, but sometimes the best way to get a photo of an adult Great-Horned Owl is through your car’s sunroof.Great-Horned Owl

Great-Horned Owl

Sneaking up on an owl is not easy, but I knew where this one stayed.  It was a male and had picked a spot from where it could keep an eye on the nest.Great-Horned Owl

Great-Horned Owl

But eventually you get found out.  And you get that weary “not again” expression.Great-Horned Owl

An unnecessary supplemental flash gave this young adult a demonic look.  (Now is as good a time as any to point out that owls have three eyelids.  The top which blinks.  A bottom lid that comes up to meet the upper halfway during sleep, and the nictitating membrane that slides from the inner corners of the eyes to keep them clean.)Young Great-Horned Owl

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