This female Eastern Screech Owl stood duty in a Poplar tree as her babies nested in a nearby box.  Occasionally she would utter a whistling sigh to let them know she was still there.Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

Masters of camouflage.  This male below is the mate to the female in the first.Eastern Screech Owl

The old nesting box was a relic so I build them a new one.  Other than the occasional owl spending a day in it, the only nesting has been done by squirrels.  The owl below is a day visitor.  The light beak is what distinguishes the Eastern from the Western Screech Owl, which has a black beak.  This owl doesn’t mind people and will nest in most any yard.  I have seen only two pair at the river.Eastern Screech Owl

A baby Screech Owl just out of the nesting box.Screech Owl

Another young owl.Baby Eastern Screech Owl

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