Burrowing Owls arrive in the Spring and leave in the Fall, probably to Central America.  They live in Prairie Dog burrows.Burrowing Owl ♂

Not having the patience to sit and wait, I set up my cheap game camera and left it for a day at a time.  The male below arriving with food brought fifteen rodents, or pieces of rodents, to the waiting female in twenty-four hours.  I later found him dead atop a nearby burrow, no signs of trauma, and the nest failed as the female does not hunt during nesting.  The young shown below are from a second nest I monitored. Burrowing Owl (The male, aloft, died)

Occasionally the little game camera can become artistic.Burrowing Owl

As you can see by reading the time strip on the photos, the young emerge from the burrows in late June to early July.


Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owl

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