Raccoons are nocturnal but hunger can bring them out in the daytime.  This young one, already with a notched ear, appeared just after a flood.Raccoon with Split Right Ear

I’ve always suspected the raccoons out hunting in the Spring and early Summer are trying to get enough nourishment to feed their babies hidden somewhere.Raccoon

Raccoon at Bravo

Another early Spring phenomena is the appearance of yearling raccoons in trees, as if they have been driven from their mothers and must find new homes.  The expression of the face of the one below suggests that.Young Raccoon

This lady is either Howling at the Moon or licking peanut butter off the roof of its mouth.  (They don’t climb and pose for Free, you know.)  (Trail camera shot.)


This one appears to have crawled into a tree and died.Raccoon Sleeping

No, he was just sleeping.   Dead tired, it was.Raccoon Awakening

Should you think the life of a raccoon is easy, this mauled, ear-shredded, tailless fellow might have another story.Old, Batered, Sick Raccoon at Reservoir

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