Achemon Sphinx (Eumorpha achemon) taken down at the S. Platte River June 24.  It is on a Hemp Dogbane.

Juanita sphinx (Proserpinus juanita) on a Creamy Thistle at Pawnee Buttes.  This was identified for me by, a great site for all insects and it will identify the insect for you if you can’t find it among their pictures.  Additionally, your pictures will be added to the site’s catalogue.

Garden Tiger Moth (Arctia caja)

Of course caterpillars will become butterflies or moths.  The Wooly Bear in the two photos below will not predict the coming Winter by the length of its red-orange.  Rather, it has more to do with its diet.Woolly Bear (Pyrrharctia isabella)

Woolly Bear (Pyrrharctia isabella)

Another Woolly Bear on a Kochia.Wooly Bear Caterpillar on Kochia (Kochia scoparia)

A White-Lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar.  The two pictures following it are the moth, which appears at dusk.White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata) (Caterpillar)

White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata)

White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata)

Saltmarsh caterpillar.

Saltmarsh Caterpillar (Estigmene acrea) (a Wooly Bear) on Smart Weed

Saltmarsh Moth having just laid eggs.Saltmarsh Caterpillar (Estigmene acrea) (a Wooly Bear)

The following three photos are of the varying Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth caterpillar.  It was introduced in an effort–a failure so far–to control the Leafy Spurge plant, shown elsewhere on this site.Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth (Hyles euphorbiae) (Caterpillar)

Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth (Hyles euphorbiae) (Caterpillar)

Leafy Spurge Hawk Moth – Hyles euphorbiae

The Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar.  The moth is large and attractive but I haven’t found the adult yet.dsc_0013_11

The following two pictures are the Ground Cherry Sun Moth, destroying the cherry inside the pod.Ground Cherry Sun Moth (heliothis subflexa)

Ground Cherry Sun Moth (heliothis subflexa)

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