Turkey Vultures (not Buzzards) have averaged arriving in  the Sterling area on April 3 for the past ten years.   They are a relatively recent arrival in this area, not present at all when I was a kid here.Turkey Vulture

The babies are not exactly cuddly.  I found these in a very old, unused water pump house near a washed-away farm house near the river.  Weed choked.  I had to crawl through Coyote Willow and Canada Thistle to get to the shack.  The babies’ defense is a very loud hiss.  Very loud.  Other-Worldly loud.  I took the photos and let them be.

This is one of the birds above, exactly thirty days later.  Notice the still-black head and the white legs.

This one is waiting patiently as there is a roadkill deer below him.Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture



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