It may be a Dog-Eat-Dog World out there, but many animals one might suspect were enemies do tolerate one another.


My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Cat vs Raccoon

Fox and Raccoon

Neighbor’s cat helping guard some game birds.


Rabbit and Chukar


Collared Doves and Mule Deer

Mule Deer (Split Ear) and Rabbit


Mule Deer (Beanie Flip) and Cat

Split Ear (Mule Deer) and Cat

Opossum and Cat

Checking out a Bobwhite Quail.

Bobwhite Quail among the Deer

My beautiful picture

Mule Deer Eying Squirrel

Raccoon and Possum

Mule Deer and Raccoon

Coyote and Cat.  A surprise.

Pheasants and Squirrel

Pheasant and Squirrel

Squirrel and Pheasant

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