While 498 species of birds have been recorded in Colorado, I keep no life list.  I have, however, catalogued the birds seen along the South Platte only, and that is 141.  If I were better with, or more patient with the “Dickie” birds, those small, shy, flighty ones that insist upon hiding behind leaves or looking frustratingly alike, I might be able to add ten birds to that number.

The Magpie should be the signature bird for our area.  It once was but its numbers have declined drastically.  Some blame the West Nile Virus that hit the Corvidae family particularly hard.Magpie

This is a young Magpie I was happy to find at the river.  I have seen a group of fourteen Magpies, adults and young, flying along in a string and playing.  It looked every bit like a school recess.Young Magpie

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