In compiling this website I have discovered that I have few shots of the birds that surround me daily.  Not a single picture of a House Sparrow.  (But you know what those look like.)  The same problem with theHouse Finch.  Many take it for a House Sparrow, but it isn’t.  Same size, yes.  Both finches, yes.  But the House Finch is a much nicer bird.  For starters its nest contains only four eggs, not the pullulating excess of the House Sparrow.  The males in season have the red (sometimes pumpkin) throats.  The females not.


A delicate cup-shaped nest in a cholla.  Compare this to the amorphous mess of the House Sparrow.  (The House Sparrow is an import from Europe.  It was brought in to eat an infestation of caterpillars in Central Park.  Apparently no one realized the birds were seed eaters when not feeding their young.)House Finch on Nest

House Finch Nest

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