Cliff Swallow.Cliff Swallow

A fledgling.Juvenile Cliff Swallow

Adult feeding fledgling.  At some point many in the colony leave the nesting site and hold a Jamboree.  Hundreds of birds can be present and they seem to be schooling the young.  I’ve seen Red-Winged Blackbirds and Grackles do this as well, in one case all mixed together.   This shot was taken July 12.Adult Cliff Swallow feeding Juvenile

The Cliff Swallow mud nest has a single entrance.  The Barn Swallow nest is a shallow mud bowel. Cliff Swallow

Under any bridge can be found Cliff Swallow nesting colonies.  A few Barn Swallows may be there as well.  (For some reason I have neglected to get a Barn Swallow picture.)Cliff Swallow Nests and Guano under Bridge near Merino

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